Dr. Andy Lovy Named 2008 US 24-hour Team Doctor

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Dr. Andy Lovy Named 2008 US 24-hour Team Doctor


     Roy Pirrung, team manager of the 24-hour National Team announced that Dr. Andy Lovy has been selected to be the team doctor for the 2008, IAU World Challenge.

     This year’s race will be held on October 18-19th, in Seoul, Korea, at the Olympic Park.

     Dr. Lovy’s experience has paid off with numerous runners being helped.  Bringing all of the supplies he knows are specific to runners, has helped immensely.

     Following the 2006 IAU 24-hour World Challenge, held February 25-26, 2006, in Taipei, Taiwan, a special award was presented to Dr. Andy Lovy.

     In a private ceremony, with the U.S.A. 24-hour National Team present, Harry Arndt, of the International Association of Ultrarunners bestowed an award on the American team’s doctor.

     In a statement to Dr. Lovy and the team, Arndt acknowledged the dedication of the American team doctor in helping all of those in need during the event.

     Arndt spoke highly of the spirit of the U.S. team in allowing their personal physician the leeway to treat all of their competitors and the use of his services during the race.

     With the expenses associated with his trip being covered by the team members themselves, Arndt found that the Americans went above and beyond and showed the spirit of ultrarunning and what the IAU so strongly believes.  In Arndt’s words, “True sportsmanship.”

     Dr. Lovy has been the team doctor on three of the teams that the U.S. 24-hour national team has competed in at the 24-hour World Challenge, and has always been given the freedom to treat all those in need, not just the U.S. team.

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