2008 BananaCoast UltraMarathon

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From  Grafton to Coffs Harbour (via Coramba and Glenreagh)

(with the option of running a shorter ultra (58 kms) to Nana Glen)

Sunday, 11th May 2008


                                     Entry Form                                   


START:  Post Office Grafton at 6.00am


FINISH:  Coffs Harbour Hotel   for the 83 kms


ALTERNATE FINISH :   58 kms Nana Glen School gate

Runners not past Nana Glen by 2.00 p.m. must stop there.


ENTRY FEE:  $15.00 payable to Woolgoolga Athletic Club ($20.00 on the day) 

Post entries to Steel Beveridge: 3’B’ Surf  St, Emerald Beach  2456

Enquiries: Phone/fax 02 66562735     Email: steelyn@hot.net.au

AURA discount $5.00.


1) Each competitor must undertake to provide a second/helper to assist with feeding, care and time-keeping,  Each second will require a motor vehicle of his/her own so as to carry out the necessary activities.

2) Each competitor must undertake to travel on the right hand side of the road where footpaths are not provided. Where footpaths are available these must be used (e.g. leaving  Grafton or entering Coffs Harbour.)

3) All police instructions must be obeyed at all times.                                                     4) No push bikes as support vehicles.                                                                                        5) Support vehicles must obey traffic rules at all times.


I the undersigned in consideration of and as a  condition of acceptance of my entry in the Bananacoast Ultramarathon, for myself, my heir, executors and administrators, hereby waive all or any claim, right or  cause of action which I or they might otherwise have for  or arising out of loss of life or damage or loss of any  description whatsoever which I may suffer or sustain in  the course of or consequent upon my entry or participation in the said event  .                       

This waiver release or discharge shall be and  operate in favour of the Coffs Harbour City Council, the Clarence Valley Council, Woolgoolga Athletic Club and all officers, members, agents and employees of the N.S.W. Police Force and  shall  so  operate  whether  the  damage  or  cause  is  due  to  any  neglect  of any of them .


Signed:______________________________    Date: __________________                                                                                                                                              Number of finishes in this event____________________________                                   Other previous ultra marathon experience

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Marathon p.b. _________  Event__________ Year______________                         NAME            ___________________________________________                                        Address _______________________________________________________                 Date of birth _________________  Sex  (Male or Female)                                    Member of AURA  ( Yes or No) or ATHLETICS AUSTRALIA (Yes or No).                                                                                





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