Ultras in Russia – 2008

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Russian Ultras 2008

I have kindly been sent a programme of ultras taking place in Russia this year:

Please, add to your calendar this Russian ultras:

Date: Jan 25
Name: “Moscow Night” ultramarathon, 6H & 100K (indoor), Moscow
Link/web: http://www.parsec-club.ru/mn/2008/
Results: http://www.parsec-club.ru/mn/2008/it/

Date: Apr 19
Name: 100K (road) in Puschino, Moscow region
Link/web: – No details yet

Date: May 17
Name: “Sutki Begom” ultramarathon, 24H (track), Moscow
Link/web: http://www.parsec-club.ru/sb/2008/

Date: Sep 6
Name: “Ispitai Sebya” ultramarathon, 24H & 100K (road), Saint-Petersburg
Link/web: http://www.spbfla.ru/

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