2008 Dead Sea Ultra

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Registration Begins for the Dead Sea UltraMarathon of 2008
Run to the Lowest Point on Earth

Under the Patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Raed Bin Zeid, the organizing committee for the Dead Sea Ultra Marathon (DSUM), recently announced that registration just started to participate in the DSUM 15th  edition.

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This year, the marathon, organized by the Society for Care of Neurological Patients (SCNP) is scheduled to take place on April 11th 2008 and as customary, it is sponsored by several locally and internationally based companies including LG Electronics (LGE), the event’s title sponsor since its launch in 1993.Participants eager to take part in the Marathon can register to do so by visiting the Society for Care of Neurological Patients Headquarters in Shemisani which is open everyday from 9:00 am till 2:00 pm or they may register online via the marathon official website (www.deadseamarathon.com) Registration may also be completed at Cozmo headquarters at 7th circle between 20/3/2008 and 7/4/2008, everyday from 4:00 pm till 8:00 pm. and each participant shall receive a bag, containing several items needed for the run, in addition to a rules and regulations booklet.
Stemming from their continuous efforts to guarantee the highest levels of safety and security throughout the run for the participants, the DSUM organizing committee is now in the process of finalizing all the logistics for the run in coordination with all other relevant parties and security forces.

As is the case of every year, proceeds generated from this highly anticipated marathon, which draws a large participation base of runners that are both local and international, are to go towards benefiting and treating Neurological patients in Jordan.

Commenting on this year’s run, Media Coordinator for the DSUM Ms. Mona Kopti said, “Every year we are filled with pride upon seeing the high level of enthusiasm that this event generates. We are happy to be organizing an event that not only serves to put Jordan on the international map of sports, but that also contributes towards bettering the lives of Neurological Patients in Jordan. I especially look forward to this year, as we celebrate its 15th anniversary in triumph.”
It is worth mentioning that  the DSUM is held annually on the first or second Friday of the month of April, with a pre-set run map starting from Amman and ending in the Dead Sea, also known as the lowest point on earth. This event grants opportunities for people of all age groups to participate including individuals aged 15 and under.
The marathon consists of 5 runs, the Ultra Marathon track which is 48.7 KM Long starting from Amman International Motor Show road and ending at the Dead Sea, the Marathon track which is 42 KM long starting at the Salam gas station and ending at the Dead Sea, the Half Marathon track which is 21 KM long starting from the Hanna Coffee shop and ending at the Dead Sea, the 10km Fun Run beginning and ending at the Dead Sea, and last but not least the Junior Marathon which is a 4,2 KM run also beginning and ending at the Dead Sea.

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