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To all ultra runners, walkers and supporters of the Colac Six Day Event,

The Colac Velodrome has been measured by Dave Cundy and is certified at 444m a lap and this has now been sent off to the IAU for ratification.

I also ran around the velodrome again and found that the only areas that are a tad more difficult to get around are the goal post ends where the velodrome is slightly more banked than the straights.

I was running 4min/km so this means that the bend was a little tougher to negotiate than if someone is running 5-6min/km.

I do feel though that 3hrs in one direction is too much and have made a recommendation to AURA that we change directions each hour just to minimise any risk of injury and or boredom and they are fine with that.

We are finalising a few of the festival of sport areas and hope to have things completely in place by the end of April with an application for funding as well as potential sponsors locked in. You will be informed as we make progress.

In 2008, the tradition continues.

Yours Faithfully,

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Lee Troop