Kouros competing at BRNO Indoor 48hr this weekend

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Have been advised by Tony Mangan that Yiannis Kouros is competing at the 48hr Indoor in Brno this weekend. I hope to be providing updates during the race via Tony’s crew and the powers of SMS!

Report from last year’s race

final results for 2008 


BRNO Spring 48 HOUR INDOOR 2008

13th International run and 8th 48hour Czech Championships

The goal of the race is to set up some new world, national, age, and personal records in optimal conditions with constant temperature without wind, snow, and rain, as

an accompanying program during

International Fair of Living MOBITEX

in the Hall Z at Brno Exhibition Centre

START: FRIDAY 28. 3. 2008 10,00 am FINISH: SUNDAY 30. 3. 2008 11,00 am

COURSE: nearly circular with smooth (but not slippery!) concrete surface, exactly 250 m in the first floor of Hall Z. Turn of direction: every 4 hours.


Inscriptions: by FEBRUARY 20, 2008: CAU, Tomas Rusek, Mutenicka 6/11, CZ 628 00 BRNO –Vinohrady, CZECH REP., e-mail: tomas.rusek@email.cz FAX +420-549216841

minimum age 21 years

medical certificate submitted by post, email, fax or at latest at registration desk

Start fee RUNNER 200 EUR, HELPER 100 EUR

(send inscription form and deposit at least 50 EUR/person by Feb 20, 2008).

LATE INSCRIPTIONS: 250 EURsend inscription form and deposit at least 50 EUR by March 10, 2008, 300 EURsend inscription form after March 4, 2008. (Helper(s): 100 / 120 / 150 EUR.)

to be paid to: Ceska Asociace Ultramaratoncu, account #:183939917/0300 at CSOB Brno, IBAN: CZ76 0300 0000 0001 8393 9917 BIC: CEKOCZPP or BETTER: send CHEQUE PAYABLE TO: “Tomas RUSEK” (we can change the appropriate amount in cash at registration desk or send the cash directly to my address in a letter (if registered letter only after Feb 5, and before Feb 20, 2008)-if it is easier for you-

includes accommodation (catering from evening March 27 to morning March 31), optimal conditions (stable temperature, no wind, snow, rain), table, chair, sleeping mattress adjacent to the course, and outstanding care (full supplied aid station, massages, medical) to set up new world, national, age, and personal indoor records, lap time on the screen, printed running results 10 minutes after each hour, original T-shirt (incl. supporter), up to time results and Real Time Internet Video Streaming at www.ChampionChip.cz.

PRIZES: *** Cups at least for best 3 men and 3 women, probably for all finishers, ***Prize money for first 7 runners overall (min. 350 km men, resp. 300 km women). ***Prize money also according to PERFORMANCE (400, 375, 360 km men, 350, 325, 310 km women) without respect to final order.*** Special prizes for new World, European, and Czech RECORDs ***Besides also prizes for best athletes during 1st, and 2nd 24hour fraction.

Aid station: You and your own supporter can take advantage of a full supplied station. The list of food available will be prepared at your disposal at time of your registration. If you require any special liquids or foods, it is your responsibility to provide these for yourself – or let us know in advance. If you need help in preparing this food, please let kitchen staff know.

Arrival, Access, Accommodation: Registration 27. 3. 2008 from 13,00 to 21,00 in Garni Hotel Bldg A, Vinařská 5, 60300 BRNO (also accommodation there, very close to the Brno Exhibition Centre – You can reach it simple by car or by tram #1 from Brno hl.n. (= train main station), 7th tram stop LIPOVA and 200 m uphill, detailed information and maps you can find at ultramarathon.czechian.net or we can mail it to you by post, if you ask in entry form.) We can arrange also your transport from train or bus station to the registration desk on demand. We arrange accommodation and catering (food) starting from evening Thursday March 27 up to the morning Monday March 31. Accommodation is valid for nights 27/28 and 30/31 in Garni Hotel, during the race on sleeping mattresses adjacent to the course. We can also arrange your accommodation any extra day(s) before or after in Garni Hotel – 20 EUR/person in double room (or 40 EUR/2 bed room). Let us know your demand immediately! Accommodation and catering is valid for owners of the official appending label i.e. for each runner and also for his/her own helper(s), if they are mentioned in the official entry form and offer paying indicated fee. The official label must be worn at all times during the event to gain access to refreshment, medical and other official rooms. This will be given out at registration.

Personal facilities: Table, chair, comfortable air-mattress for each runner adjacent to the course, toilets for runners close to the circuit. Each runner can bring own supporter (eventually according to agreement 2 supporters). If you want to profit from our assistant(s), as well as to join your ,,personal station” with other runner(s), please let us know. (Please indicate also your language(s) ability.)

Medical aid, Massages: Adjacent to the circuit during all the time of the race.

Limitations: 1 – There is no limit regarding time, place and length of the rest.

2 – The only condition for classification is overcome 120 km within the first day (24 hours), and 100 km within the second day (hours 25 to 48).

3 You must wear your race number visibly at all times, either on your jacket, shirt, or shorts

4 – When leaving the course, you must notify referee that you are taking a break (longer than 20 minutes).

5 – No pacers are allowed at any time – only for necessary assistance with food or suit.

6 – All competitors in single-file forward motion have the right of way to the inside lane, whether they are running or race-walking. Any competitors intentionally proceeding two or more abreast must give inside lane right of way to the single-file competitors. After 2nd Yellow Card threaten withdisqualification (Red Card).

7 – Race director has full authority to withdraw a competitor from the race if (according the professional judgment of the Medical Officer) the competitor is not fit to continue in the race.

8 – For time-keeping we will use the ChampionChip. This Chip will register all 250m time/splits, which will be show at real time in the big screen. All runners must run all the time with Chips attached to his/her own footwear.

9 – The first 24 hours will be measured exactly for all runners, classified only as an National Czech Championships for members of the Czech Association of Ultrarunners and also placed into the official result list.

Award ceremony (flowers, cups) for first 3 men and 3 women after the finish (about 11,30 am) and

PRIZE-GIVING to all runners immediately after printing diplomas in the start area.

COMPLETE RESULTS “hour after hour” you can receive during semi-ceremonial dinner for runners and their supporters on Sunday March 30 evening (about 18 pm) next door to the place of accommodation.

CAU, Tomas Rusek, Mutenicka 6/11, CZ 628 00 BRNO–Vinohrady, CZECH REPUBLIC

FAX +420-549 216 841 GSM +420-602 535 789 e-mail tomas.rusek@email.cz ultramarathon.czechian.net