Bellarine Rail Trail – 2008

Posted on March 29, 2008 by

It’s not an Ultra anymore, but definitely worth supporting.

Hi all,


The BRT Run is on again! Some news in brief to let everyone know the details of the BRT Run for 2008, scheduled for August 3.


  • the run has moved to its own website – . I’m not known for my IT skills so please bear with me as the site develops over time! The nuts and bolts are up for now.
  • August 3 is 9 weeks out from the Melb Marathon. I have moved the run this year in support of Troopy who has been fantastic in his support of this run. Pending official selection for his 3rd Olympics, this will be one of his last long runs in his lead up to the Olympic marathon 3 weeks later.
  • The format of the run remains unchanged from recent years – it’s still FREE!
  • If you don’t wish to remain on the BRT Run mailing list, please reply to this effect via this email.