Peter Rietveld – Run for your Lives 2008

Posted on April 4, 2008 by


Report from Day 2:

And another restday, looking like a holiday here and so it feels. Mind you I have been working out the last three months after coming back from Ethiopia. In Addis Abeba was a very nice hill where I ran up every morning having a great view over the city, but in the project there was logically considerable less possibilities to run.

Coming back to Europe the first laps were anything between 5 and 10 kilometers to wake up the body again. Slowly the distances grew longer and the kilometres per week more. As during the past years I make sure that I ran since the first of January an average of 100 km a week, starting at maybe 60 and the longest week counting 160 km.

So these last days are to ensure that the legs will be 100% fresh at the start and the mind is hungry for the distance to come.


The weather seems worrysome, clouded and grey, not too cold, but with a prediction for rain and snow and the rain started today. For a Dutchman like me the view of the snow capped mountains are still spectacular and I feel privileged that I may run through such a beautiful nature.


And that with the Emmser Sportkanonen and Springmaus, both showing up for the third time already and for a distance up to 20 km. Very supportive and not too long, until then I can easily pretend that I am fit and do not get tired. As of km 21 I may collapse, take brakes every corner and drag my feet towards Feldkirch with a speed where pedestrians overtake me easily.


The packing is done and the jogger found its balance again. The weight should be divided so that with a slight pressure on the handlebars the front wheel comes of the ground to facilitate the steering. If not, I would have to push hard all the time and waste too much energy.