McNaughton Tour

Posted on April 7, 2008 by

McNaughton Tour

Hi everyone.

I was out on the McNaughton Park trails this weekend, and the trail is in excellent shape. So barring a monsoon this next week, things should be pretty good out there.

Note that there were many folks putting time and effort out there: the firewood was being stacked, repairs were made to various bridges, and drain “ditches” were being dug to keep the water build up in selected areas to a minimum.

There were some minor changes to the course, among these:

1. a couple of small bridges were added in the low lying “mini stream”

crossing areas about 1.5 miles into the loop 2. the final downhill section from the bluff to the creek has been slightly rerouted; it is no longer a sharp “elevator drop” (near mile 5)

If you want to take a virtual tour of the course, I’ve created one on my


I’ve shown photos of the first 9 miles of the 10 mile loop, up until the small wooded stretch and the disc golf course finish.

See many of you there this weekend!