New York Multiday preview

Posted on April 7, 2008 by

Guess who’s setting records again…

?? Some of the?VERY BEST?ultrarunners in the world will be on the line in historic Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, NYC on April 23.? Dan Brannen had an excellent recent post detailing the various records that have been set in this park, stretching to Don Ritchie’s 11:51? 100 mile road run in 1978.? As far back as the 1940s and 50s various marathons ran through or finished in the park.

?? There is the chance that the 1,000 mile world record could be approached or broken this year.

?? Germany’s Wolfgang Schwerk, a legend in ultras for 25 years (last year 627+ mi in 6 days, two years ago 3,100 mi in 40+ days) ?will face fellow German Achim Heukemes, Vladimir Balatsky of the Ukraine (2nd two years ago), and one of the USA’s most prolific and winningest ultrarunners ever, now 60 year old Luis Rios of Brooklyn (142 miles/ 24 hours, 525 miles in 10 days at age 59, etc.).?

?? The concurrent 6 day race will feature a deep field including Finland’s Pekka Asprihanal Aalto, who has won at least three different US ultras in the past year+.? World record holder Dipali Cunningham of Australia and New York City will be back to go for an 11th consecutive win at this historic event.?

?? The top athletes here will throw in 9:00 or faster miles on a daily basis, all the while toting up anywhere from 70 to 100+ miles per day, day after day.? Generally, in the USA, anyone finishing?a 100 mile race?in sub-24 hours is considered to have had a solid performance.