Ultravecka – 6 days in Sweden

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The race starts Sunday July 20 at 12.00

The 6D-tracks will be on 400 meters tartantracks. The track will control measuring off the Swedish track and field association validated measurer, Reima Hartikainan.

Timing: chip

Maximum numbers participants is not yet decided

Restrooms and showers are in direct connection to the track.

All food and drinks are including.

Waters, energy drink, coke, coffee, tea and beers.

Banana, orange, fruits dried

Sandwiches, soup, meatballs, hot dog with breads, sweet, chocolate

Hot meals at 12.00 and 18.00 and cheeseburgers/pizza at 23.00

Also vegetarian food.

Participation fee: 2500 SEK (300 euros).  Information how to pay the fee gives you in January.

Registration can be done directly on the web, or on E-mail. Your name will be added in participation list within couple of days.

Cup to all participants with names and distance gravures (the gravures is sent out separately afterwards). Of course longer distance, the bigger cup.

There will be no insurance for participants by organizers. Everybody competes at his/her own risk.

If you have question, please send us a mail to E-mail

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