24hrs for Legacy – 6 days away

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On the 19th and 20th April this year (6 days away), I will be competing in the Victorian 24hr Track Championship at Coburg, Victoria. This is my first one for a few years and I do have a personal best of 121km.

This one – My aim is to survive the 24hrs and get 100kms. I’m a few kilos heavier than a few years ago and haven’t really done constant kms the last few years. (Probably due to spending a lot of time promoting the sport instead of participating)

With my efforts in the race, i would like to raise money for Legacy. Legacy is a Non-profit charity that helps the Widows of Australian Servicemen and women that don’t return from war.

Please consider going to the donation page and making a donation. All donations are gratefully accepted and I thank you.


For those that have already made a donation, thanks very much. It is extremely appreciated.

This is a bit more information about Legacy and what they do:

Legacy is a uniquely Australian organisation, established in 1923 by ex-servicemen dedicated to the task of caring for the widows and dependants of their comrades.

The legacy of care embraces: both World Wars, conflicts in Korea, Malaya, Malaysia, South Vietnam, peacekeeping operations in East Timor, the war in Iraq and any death which is deemed service related.

Volunteer members were called Legatees because they accepted the legacy of care for their comrades’ families; this title has continued to the present day. Some 5,600 Legatees assist more than 122,000 widows and 1,800 children and people with disabilities Australia-wide.

Legacy’s assistance takes many forms, providing a level of support necessary for each individual situation. With the help of Legatees, who stay in touch with all families, Legacy ensures families receive their Legacy entitlements and access to government benefits.

Phil Essam