The Sri Chinmoy 10 Day and 6 Day Race Update – April 30, 2008

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The Sri Chinmoy multiday event is one of the most historic ultras in the world.  Beginning in 1880, this challenging race begins on the shore of Meadow Lake, Queens.

The 10 day runners began their journey an Wednesday, April 23, 2008.  The 6 day runners joined them on Sunday, April 27, 2008.  Mark Dorian describes this year’s weather as ‘possibly the worst conditions’ he has ever experienced in an ultra.  Rain poured down on runners on both Monday and Tuesday.  While covering this kind of distance, these conditions generally cause a runner’s feet to swell about 2 sizes above normal.

At the 6 day event, Dipali Cunningham had covered 225 respectable miles with John Geesler not far behind him at 205 miles.   Katsuhuro Tanaka has run 188 miles and Barbara Sorrell had just finished 143, as of 4am Tuesday morning. 

At the 10 day event, Wolfgang Madhupran had a 6 day split of 542 miles, a 103 mile lead over Achim Heukemes.  Married couple, Don and Marion Landry seem to be on track so far to finish 1,000 miles between the two of them.

The race will end for both the 6 day and 10 day runners on Saturday May 3, 2008.


article by:  Summer Wesson

Posted in: USA