Logavlen breaks Nordic 100km record

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Information supplied by Einar Cyvin

Lobexperten 100km Ultra

Resultater for de fem beste totalt.
1. Margrethe Løgavlen, NOR 7.43.27
2. Ole Karlsen, DAN 7.55.20 (dansk mester)
3. Per Gunnar Alfheim, NOR 8.06.35
4. Stefan Lindvall, SVE 8.16.11
5. Frants Mohr, NOR 8.29.17

The race is on a 5K course, which is measured by DAF (The Danish Athletics Union). The course is closed and marked with depot at the start line and after 2,5K

Race: 100/50K Ultra run

Date: 3.of May 2008:
100K at 06.00 pm
50K at 09.00 pm
10K at 01.00 am

Start: Løbexperten in Seden

Parking: Fjordager Hallen

Prize: 1. Prize 100K (gents/ladies)
2. Prize 100K (gents/ladies)
3. Prize 100K (gents/ladies)

1. Prize 50K (gents/ladies)
2. Prize 50K (gents/ladies)
3. Prize 50K (gents/ladies)

1. Prize 10K (gents/ladies)
2. Prize 10K (gents/ladies)
3. Prize 10K (gents/ladies)

Depot: Water, energy drink, cola, fruit gums, salted chips,
raisins, sandwiches, coffee and cake

Starting charge 100K – € 40,00
50K – € 34,00
10K – € 7,00

Accommodation: Free accommodation in Fjordager Hallen.

Friday evening at 06.00 am will serve pasta for those who stay for the night. Price €5,00. The breakfast is from 04.00 – 06.00 pm on Saturday morning. Breakfast is included in the price.

The starting charge can be paid by using this IBAN number:

Iban-accountnumber is: DK9168800002774684