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People will probably notice that the Planet Ultramarathon team has expanded considerably in the past few weeks and is looking less and less like a website with only my input.

I am very fortunate that Summer Wesson has joined the team and has posted some excellant articles allready. Her article on Brian Krogmann was very interesting and I look forward to more great stuff from her.

After a very busy period in her life, I was very wrapped to have Connie Karras post an article to the blog.  It is an interview with Tracy Thomas , which is very in depth.  I first met Connie (via the net) when she helped Jesper Olsen in his run across America.  I probably have been chasing her for a while to be part of the PUM team as I know what a selfless, tireless worker she is.  I am looking forward to further articles from Connie in the coming months, especially in the medical and training area.

My Irish friend and mate, Tony Mangan, continues to be a great contributor to the page with invaluable tips about things happening in the European Ultra scene and Solo walking across the globe.  I know he is very busy training and competing at the top level of the sport, so his contribution to the sport with this site is much appreciated.

The help from all three is definitely appreciated. I am hoping that the new feel and direction for the site can continue to expand over the coming months. Planet Ultramarathon was my concept in the start, but I will be very happy if it becomes a blog/site that essentially belongs to the sport and the posts on the site come from all over the globe.  So if you are interested in becoming a member of Team Planet Ultramarathon, please send me an email to

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