The Sri Chinmoy 10 Day and 6 Day Races – May 3, 2008

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There is something truly amazing about watching the end of a race like this.  The human spirit is simply glowing.  Barbara Sorrell, a runner in the 6 day had never run more than 24 hours before and finished an impressive 319 miles.  “I must have done something right,” she says smiling.  “This is the only day that it has hurt.”

This year’s race had the largest combine field of runners representing 16 nations, making this truly an international event.  The most impressive performance was that of Madhupran Schwerk, who covered a total of 829 miles and won the 10 day event.  The female winner was Kaneenika Janakova, finishing 667 miles.

In the 6 day event, it was John Geesler who finished in the male lead at 433 miles.  Dipali Cunningham, the female winner, covered 467 miles, notably longer than her male peer in this winner’s circle.  

After facing challenging weather on Monday and Tuesday, runner’s were in high spirits as the race came to a close.


Article by: Summer Wesson

Posted in: USA