London to Liverpool in 11 days

Posted on May 8, 2008 by


Final day – Hargrave, Chester to Liverpool: At the time of writing this, I’m sat with Adam on a wall outside Woodside ferry terminal soaked in sweat and shivering like a dog tied to a lamppost on a freezing January morning – but I’m ecstatic. Liverpool’s majestic three graces stand proud a mile away on the other side of the Mersey and in a little while we’ll be over there, where our exhausting journey will meet its end. Today’s 21.2-mile home leg was never going to be a problem. I didn’t bother wearing any shin or knee supports and hardly stopped for a break all the way through to Birkenhead. The Wirral was teeming with mods on ridiculous scooters. One stopped me, I presumed, to ask what I was doing and to wish me luck. But I was mistaken; he asked me where he could get petrol! Unbelievable. I’ve worn a face like death for a week, I’m kitted-out in a MacMillan vest, I’m blowing bubbles and I’m accompanied by a support cyclist, and he still thinks I’m the man to ask. Get over Quadrophenia.