The Quicksilver 25K/50K/50M – Saturday, May 10, 2008

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Northern California should be the race capital of ultramarathons.  With breezy, almost always perfect temperatures and beautiful landscapes, rarely can a race go wrong.  This year, the Quicksilver 25k, 50k and 50 mile event was a little warmer than in years past though.  As a veteran of this race, Mark Swanson couldn’t help but hum to himself “Summertime… and the stomach gets queasy…” as he raced off to the finish line of the 50 mile event.  Many of these runners had another obsticle to dodge as well… the lush and thick poison oak that painted the course.  By today, they should be finding out just how successful they were at avoiding that!

This year was an amazing year of firsts among the men.  Graham Cooper, 38 set a course record at the 50 mile event of 6:35:28, while Suzanne Bon, 43, won the women’s division at 7:45:53.  In the 50k, Scott McClennan, 31, won the race in 3:51:58.  This just happened to be his first ultra!  Florencia Gascon-Amyx, 43, won the women’s division of that race in 5:03:08. 

One of the most exciting parts of this event is the finish line festivities where a full-sized freezer is filled with goodies such as ice cream, popsicles and other treats for accomplished runner’s enjoyment. 


article by:  Summer Wesson

Posted in: USA