15 marathons in 15 days – In the Simpson Desert

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15 marathons in 15 days

This will be the first ever attempt to run the gauntlet from the Geographical Centre (Lambert Centre) of Australia across the full length of the Simpson Desert to Birdsville.  Five athletes will run a total distance of 640km, passing through 3 States (NT, SA, QLD) and over 1315 sand dunes in a West to East direction in just 15 days.

The runners will aim to start and complete the full distance together. Working as a team, they will be covering an average distance of 44km (marathon distance is 42.2km) each day with the exception of the last day, just 24km leading to the pub at Birdsville for a well deserved beer for all involved!

Days will be divided into 4 stages of approximately 11km each to enable re-hydration and the consumption of food to maintain energy levels. The average temperatures that can be encountered at this time of year in the Simpson Desert are between 10 and 27 degrees Celsius and the terrain consists mostly of clay and salt pans, sand dunes, spinifex and scrubs.

The final 9 days on approach to Birdsville, the most isolated stretch, will see no services or supplies requiring the team to be completely self-sufficient. The facts. The Route.