Miwok 100km Race Report

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As we arrive about one mile from the Rodeo Lagoon beach parking lot at about 4:30 am, we’re stopped by the park ranger, as other cars ahead of us are, to get a permit to park at the Rodeo Beach parking lot. I later find out that the RD, Tia Bodington, was apparently permitted to add 100 additional runners to the race if a park-n-ride was implemented. There was a make-shift parking lot that runners were to park at. We spoke to the ranger, which he said that if we were to leave by 7 am, that we could pass through and just park at the start/finish area and not have to carpool. Since Kelly was crewing for me, this was not going to be any problem.

We park the car and I get out and check-in at registration. I see Tom Riley, who I haven’t seen since last year when I paced him at KM100, at the registration table. It’s good to see someone I know and coming from the Midwest, there’s not a good chance of that. We chat for a good 20-30 minutes. Kelly decides to make her way up as she’s probably thinking that I should be back to the car by now. I introduce her to Tom. We all continue chatting and discussing the race. I ask him for his advice about some of the big climbs on this course and he tells me that the course is pretty runnable. For instance the first climb, it’s not difficult to run 80% of it, while power-walking the steep parts (I remember this for later).

The rest of the report from Brian Gaines

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