24- 48 hr at Bornholm Denmark – This weekend

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This weekend sees the running of the 24 hr and 48hr at Bornholm in Denmark. Courtesy of my good friend, Jesper Olsen (who is crewing this weekend), I expect to receive some video, photos and sound bytes. This will be from his Life Pilot device that he will be using on his upcoming World Run 2. I will be uploading these files to this post when received.

Hopefully this online experiment works and you the reader reaps the benefit.


Main website

Race in progress photos

Other photos of the race (and use the arrow keys to scroll through)

36 hours

As expected, Yiannis Kouros is leading with 359.7km. He is apparently now walking.  Second is L Christoffersen from Denmark who has covered 281.3km. The Womens race could be very interesting with H Vauhkonnen from Finland leading with 223.3km.  C Aistrup from Denmark has 213.5km and is catching the leader slowly.

At 2am it is 4 degrees, clear and light wind!

News flash:

At the 24hr mark, Yiannis Kouros has completed 266.35km. This is believed to be a new World age group record for 24hr road. Second was A Thunberg with 237.8km. This was a pb by over 40km! Was advised a short time later that he has pulled out of doing the 48hr.

Updated Leaderboard Results at 12h:

  1. Yiannis Kouros (Greece) – 142.1km
  2. Anders Tunberg (Sweden) – 120.4km
  3. Brian Larsen (Denmark) – 117.5km

Women at 12h:

  1. H Vauhkonnen (Finland) – 100km
  2. Caroline Aistrup (Denmark) – 94.25km


Note from Jesper Olsen – Perfect weather prior to the start. 17 degrees, light wind and sunshine.

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