Sarah Barnett to join World Run 2

Posted on May 27, 2008 by

Top Australian multiday runner, Sarah Barnett is going to join Jesper Olsen in World Run 2. The World Run 2 is scheduled to start on July 1st this year.

This from the website:

Ultra-bio.: Sarah started running long distance in her teenage years and by now has specialized in ultrarunning and multiday-running. She has a personal best of 634km on 6-day running and 1020km on 10-day running; including a 1st place and course-record in the South-African 6day race, 2008, and a 2nd place in the SCMT New York 10day race 2005, followed by victory in the 10day race 2006.

“I am very honoured and amazed to be part of the World-Run and to be starting the run in Norway with Jesper and the team. I was aware of the World Run several years ago and have always been inspired and intregued by it’s sheer enormity, and also the message of hope and international unity that it offers.

My own running history is by no means extensive, but I started running as a teenager (mostly just to ‘escape’ the academic world and to spend time in nature), and for ten years have run with the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team. During this time I joined the World Harmony Run, an international relay spreading the message of harmony and oneness between nations. While mostly running marathons in my twenties, during recent years Ive run three 24hr events and four multiday races (six and ten day).

Running, for me, is a mostly a way to discover a greater sense of inner peace and happiness. I try to remember the message of ‘self-transcendence’ offered by my teacher Sri Chinmoy, to compete only with yourself, and to try always go beyond what you think you are capable of doing.