The Wickham Park 50 Mile, 100 Mile and 200 Mile Event – Sunday, May 25, 2008

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QUOTE: “I have someplace else I need to be”, Bill Menard, 2 time winner
of the Badwater 135 mile race from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, run in
125 F temperatures, after winning the 1997 marathon in 5:21 and abandoning
his 50 mile attempt.

If that does not put this race into perspective, maybe the application itself will.  The average finishers rate for the 50 miler is 10%, 1.2% for the 100 miler and only .4% for the 200 miler.  This is a race that makes even the craziest of ultrarunners loudly proclaim “WHY??”

My question when I first read this application was “What makes this race THIS hard?”  To answer that, the high humidity of Florida topped with no aid topped with technical trails creates this event into something that is next to impossible for any human being and just downright dangerous.   Even the race director encourages people to “just stay home instead.”

This year there were seven 50 mile finishers and two 100 miler finishers.  No one completed the 200 miler. 


article by:  Summer Wesson

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