24hr Trail Race for Australia – Montrail Penrose 24

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Press release – 27 May 2008

Montrail, the premier trail running and hiking footwear for outdoor athletes around the world, are partnering together with AROC Sport and Run For Your Life Magazine, to bring runners of all abilities a super fun, extra rewarding trail running event!

The Montrail Penrose 24 is a relay trail running event taking place between Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 November 2008 in Penrose State Forest (90 min south of Sydney – 70 min north of Canberra). Teams of 4, 8 or 12 will pass the baton between each other to complete as many (or as few!) loops as they want over the 24 hour period. Each loop will be approximately 4-6km in length, and members of each team will take turns running on fire trail and single track through the varied and lush Penrose State Forest!

Thanks to this short loop format, the Montrail Penrose 24 is achievable by anyone and is a highly versatile event that can cater to beginners up to professional athletes. Each team can decide their pace and how may loops they will run.

It’s a great opportunity for families and friends to get together and spend an active weekend, camping at the event hub, running in beautiful native bush, catching up with mates, and enjoying some quality time outdoors.

It is also particularly appropriate for corporations looking for a team-building experience that can be customised with a corporate marquee and/or catering.

For the hard-core runners looking for a challenge, there is still the option to push themselves by logging as many kilometres as possible to beat the competition!

Depending on their goals, some teams will choose to run through the night and experience the thrill of trail running in the dark while others will kick back and relax around the event hub with a glass of wine, food and music before resuming their run in the morning!

So, grab your running shoes, your team mates and a tent and get ready to run into the zone!

Race entry opens online on 1 July 2008.

Event details available on: http://www.arocsport.com.au/Penrose24/Penrose24_home.html