Rosie Swale-Pope Nears The End Of Her World Run!

Posted on May 30, 2008 by

Rosie Swale-Pope Nears The End Of Her World Run!

Submitted by Tony Mangan

Rosie has just completed her run across Iceland. She catches a ferry to the Faroes Islands on May 28th as a stop gap to wait for the ferry that arrives in Scrabster ( Scotland) at 5 am. on the 18th of June. That will be her first step on UK soil in almost 5 years of tough slogging it around the world. She pulls her gear in a huge 3-wheeled  stroller named Icebird. At night time she camps in this same stroller. It is rumored she even has the mayor of her home town of Tenby out training to run the last mile of her incredible world run with her on June 18th…. Enjoy the rest of the run and the party,Rosie! You did it the hard way!
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