Mors 100 mile Race – On now

Posted on May 31, 2008 by

For live updates during the race (complements of LifePilot and Jesper Olsen), go to:



username: 0100miles

password: 0100miles

When the map-page loads after typing the codes, press “get positions”. You may wish to enable the auto-update function from then on. Positions is sent live every 30sec. This is public coverage, the codes are just to protect the server from ‘spam hits’ and for statistical use.

The race is a very limited field this year as the weatherforecast is very hot indeed for us ‘Viking’ 😉 Allready at start it was 18c, clear skies and temp. is quickly climbing; expected to be in the mid 20’ties and up from midday and onwards. (I jogged a 50km on the route yesterday in same conditions and it gets burning hot on the silent rural blac-tar roads on the island). The favorite is mr. Mogens Pedersen but allready now, as you can see, he has opened very strong and made 5km distance to the followers after 2hours. This is going to “cost” on a very undulating course like that… and the weather is not going to make it easier. So.. perhaps he is allready not the favorite anymore 😉

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