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Walkingman’s 1st Week Across Australia 2008


gary hause (walkngaryhause@yahoo.com)


Sat 5/31/08 10:59 AM


All Walkingman’s Friends (walkngaryhause@yahoo.com)

Good Day From Oz. Cairns to near Hinchinbrook Island, 5-19-2008 to 5-25, 139 miles, 17361 Total World Walk Miles.

Singing “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson, although I am going to have to look up the lyrics as I do not know the whole song. Feels great to be back on the road walking and having an adventure after 5 months working in the Florida Keys at the Ocean Reef Club. Weather and people are beautiful down here in Oz. 80 F daytime hot and sunny, with cool nights at 50 to 60 F. Only one day of rain so far, even though I am in the wettest part of Oz. Lots of sugar cane and banana fields with the sugar cane at 8 to 10 feet high and about ready to be cut. One night of rain and I picked a low spot in a picnic area to camp. Had to wake up after heavy rain and all the water from the parking lot drained down to right under my tent. Up in the rain naked transferring all my gear and tent under a picnic shelter. Took me a while to wipe down my tent and bag before I could lay down again and get a good nights sleep. Rookie mistake camping in a low spot which I have not done in a while.

Glad to be off the plane after 35 hours from Buffalo, New York, USA with 3 layovers and 2 missed flights due to delays. My luggage (black trunk and baby stroller) was a day behind me, so Quantas gave me $100 for a hostel and meals. They even delivered my bags to the hostel the next afternoon. Nice to take a hot shower and sleep in a warm flat bed after the long flight. I hope they delay my luggage next time too.

So after 2 nights at a hostel in Cairns ($21 a night) I put together my stroller and walked out of town south for Melbourne. Feels great to be having another grand adventure. Who knows who I will meet, what trouble I will get into, and what great sights I will see over the next 6 months in Oz.

Stopped at a big Woolworth’s supermarket that they call Woolly’s for groceries. A little bit more expensive for food than in the USA. Stocked up on yogurt, eggs, oats, cookies, chocolate hazelnut spread, ramen noodles, oranges, apples, bananas, tomatoes and carrots. But I should be able to eat for between $5 and $10 a day. The Aussie dollar is about the same value now as the USA dollar.

The road so far has been pretty good.  Nice wide shoulder  (2 to 4 feet)  to walk on  and  almost  new pavement.  Hot days  so  I  started wearing my white bed sheet  sun  poncho  right away.  When it cools off I switch to my green safety shirt with reflective stripes. All the trucks and cars have been pretty considerate so far. Up at 5am with light by 6 I am off walking all day till sunset around 6pm. So I have about 12 hours of daylight to walk in. One more month till the solstice and then the days will get longer. Hopefully as I walk south it will get cooler and maybe 50 F to 70 F.

Lots of cool streams coming out of the mountains to west of me to wash up in and cool off. All the towns have public bathrooms with a cold shower for all to use. So I have been keeping pretty clean and cool.

Walked with one local couple into Innisfal and they told me a little about the cane fields and a cyclone that roared through the area 2 years ago and caused a lot of damage. In town I was hailed by a local at a Thai cafe to join him for a drink. He called the local newspaper to come and interview me for an article and loaded me up with juice boxes, Thai ramen noodle packets, and a bar of local soap. See this web site for a picture and short article: http://www.abc.net.au/local/photos/2008/05/30/2260548.htm. A couple days later a nice lady and man stopped to talk and said they saw me in the paper. Nice little article with a photo that you can see at their website.

In Tully a local road worker Ian stopped to chat and loaded me up with oranges from his own tree. Carlos and Juan from Spain invited me to join them for lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches at a local picnic area. Lots of motorcyclists headed for the Townsville rally are stopping to chat and asking me what I am up to. One man that stopped said he heard about me on the local ABC morning radio broadcast. I did talk to two men that said they would call ABC and give them my email address so they could interview me. Lots of nice people stopping to chat.

Headed south for Townsville along the coast on the Bruce Highway. Email me from my website at www.walkingman.org with any questions or comments. Had a system crash on my Pocketmail computer, so until I pick up a new one that the company is mailing me next week I might be a little slow in responding to emails. Will give you my Pocketmail email address next week.

Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing. Singing Zippity Do Dah all day long.

Gary Walkingman Hause.

P.S  – Liability Waiver. All stunts and stuff I do is done by a Professional World Walker. Please do try any of it that strikes your fancy as you will probably end up healthier and happier. I am on a walking high from all the natural endorphins and adrenaline my body pumps out, so some of the stuff I do, write about, or think up might sound a little crazy but it is all true.