Report and results from 2008 Namibia Ultra

Posted on June 13, 2008 by

“It was hot!  It was hard! It was awesome! – A true adventure.     This race is a must for individuals who wish to test their limits on physical and mental endurance” Pete Holdgate, 2008 Ultra Runner.

The Skeleton Coast is generally regarded as the most hostile stretch of coastline in the world where many a ship and its crew have foundered over the centuries, due to the unpredictable high seas and ever shifting sand banks hugging the Namib Desert shore line. Shipwrecked crew members who did make it to land alive never really stood a chance against the utter destructive barrenness of the desert that always managed to finally even the score.

We will race 120km in 24 hours across the vast expanse of the oldest desert in the world, through the endless space of gravel plains framed by distant ridges and mountains, past dramatic upheavals of granite inselbergs and all under the clearest of blue skies during the day and then full moon during the night.

Two runners from the 2008 event have written all about their experiences of the 120km race on their blogs. Andrew McMenemy who came second, Joakim Jonsson came in 3rd and Bill Martin and Pete Holdgate who came joint 7th.

We will also hold a marathon of 42km, this will be run at the same time as the 120km ultra. All competitors will start together, but the marathon runners will finish at the 42km rest station. For more information click here.

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