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Welcome from Series Coordinator

Hello, all.  Hope your spring is going well – I know that I am enjoying the temperate weather that we have had this year.

Our season is well under way with the Seaton, Toronto, Ganaraska, Sulphur & Kingston races races now complete.  If you have not had a chance to check out the upcoming races be sure to drop by our site at http://ouser.org for details.

You will notice on the race registration page that we have a link to PickupPal on our site.  They are an organization interested in helping anyone running in our races to either provide a ride or to look for a ride to the races.  You will also find their link to other races and series in the area (5Peaks and Subaru Triathlon among others I’m sure) so keep them in mind when you are doing other events this summer.

Some of you are aware of the Yahoo site that the Trail and Ultra series has set up.  It can be a good source of information and a good place to look for information.  You can use the following link:
http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/ous-l or you can follow the links on the ouser web site – start at the ‘contacts/links’ tab.

Wanted to thank our sponsors and for you to keep them in mind when you are at your favourite running supplies store.  This year our series sponsors are: Nathan, Hammer Nutrition, Montrail (Columbia) and Trail Runner.  They have provided incredible support to all of our races this year.

Finally, I have been the series coordinator now for four years and am looking forward to taking a break.  If you are interested in being the assistant coordinator for the remainder of this year and then taking over for a minimum of a two year term please drop me a line at: sezelinski@gmail.com.  The position is volunteer so the pay isn’t that great but the rewards definitely are.

Cheers and happy feet, Sharon
Series Coordinator
How to finish a 24 hour race by Karnayati Morison

How to finish a 24 hour race?

When you get that inner urge that says “Do it!”  Listen to it.  Don’t think until you’ve registered.  Then the question is how? Ultramarathons do take more training than a marathon, and for me the key is the once a week long slow run. I work up to 3 or 4 hours – a great way to see the city or the countryside. I tend to stay in town as it is easier to find water. This length of run does require some sustenance too – bananas, raisins – or whatever makes your body hum. I also take dulse (seaweed) to maintain good electrolyte balance. Homeopathic tissue salts or electrolyte drinks—not the sugary ones—are also good.

So the great day dawns! How to finish? Tips for ensuring a fun and enjoyable race right to the end include: start slow—some  people walk one lap in four right from the beginning—take  water and electrolytes right from the beginning of the race, and stretch once in a while.  Remember this is 24 hours and you have lots of time to run your own race. Listen to your body rather than watching the scoreboard! Walk a lap after eating.  And above all ENJOY! It is a great experience! There is no better way of appreciating what a “day” is! You are the constant—running around the track.  As the sun moves a full orbit, you may even see the moon if you are lucky, and as you go from day to night to day again, it’s AWESOME! Not to mention the splendid sense of accomplishment at the end!

Note:  Besides running 24 Hour races Karnayati Morison has also completed 6 and 10 day Races.  OUSER has two 24 hour races, Ottawa International Self-Transcendence 24 hour race on September 16th and dirty girls 6, 12 & 24 hour Trail Race on August 9th/10th in Mansfield.

Pickup Pal

The Ontario Ultra and Trail Running Series has partnered with PickupPal to provide a custom-branded version of the online service to our racers.  Become a member of PickupPal, a growing and dynamic community. It is free to join, and PickupPals can track the number of rides they have given or taken, the number of km or miles they have traveled via ride sharing and we can as a group keep track of the amount of emissions we have reduced as a result!

The Ontario Ultra and Trail Running Series and PickupPal are committed to making this an overwhelming success.  To register and use PickupPal for one or several of our events, please go to: http://events.pickuppal.com/races/ous”

Slovenian Ultra Marathon

Only four months separate us from the 8th Slovenian Alpine Marathon (SAM), the most beautiful alpine marathon in Slovenia. Here’s everything you need to know prior to the race.

Country: Slovenia, EU
Town: Preddvor-Trzic-Jezersko,
Date: 13th September 2008

Ultra 50K ,Marathon 35K, Trail run 10K

For more details about the event and information on how to enter, visit:

Greetings from an old ultra friend, Lili Hrabchak

Greetings fellow runners from sunny Rotonda West, Florida!  Hopefully, you still remember me.  I wrote a regular column in the ORA  Magazine called “The Running Scene”  for several years, and I was the Accreditation Promotion Officer for the ORA for three years.

Since leaving that position I’ve spent a lot of time on my bike.  I’ve cycled the perimeter of  Newfoundland and all the way from Paris, France to Kashgar, China, about 10000  km.  And yes, I am still a runner, though I have just one ultra to crow about, John Remington’s event in 2001.

Now, just a few months from my 60th birthday, I turn my attention to a more altruistic  venture.  Accordingly, I have joined the Sears National Cancer Ride for Kids.  Seventy-five or more of us will be cycling from Vancouver to Halifax, about 7600 km, between June 2 and June 20.

The purpose of this event is  to raise funds for childhood cancer programs and services in Canada.  Childhood cancer affects children at the most vulnerable stages of their lives with lasting impacts on their physical, mental and social development.

Programs such as specialized oncology camps and family support programs  that can meet the needs of children with cancer are not funded publicly.  The cost must be borne by parents, and this limits participation to only those who can afford it.  In addition, further research is needed to ensure a standard quality of care across Canada in areas such as clinical trials.  Taken together, these  programs improve the survival rate and quality of life of children afflicted  with the disease.

I am involved because of my  connection to and love for children fostered during my life’s work as an  elementary teacher and as director of school-based children’s running  clubs.  Childhood should be a time of joy, a time to play and grow and learn.  Cancer robs too many children of their just entitlement to that.  My hope is that this ride will raise enough funds to improve the lives of children with cancer in Canada.

We need your support.  My objective is to raise $25000 for the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation.  I am asking you to assist me in achieving this goal.  Please take the time to visit my website where you will also be able to make a secure online tax-deductible donation using your credit card:


If you prefer to mail in your donation, please make your cheque payable to Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation.  Write my name on the For/Memo line so that your contribution will count toward my total.  The mailing address is

Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation, 5230 Dundas St. W., P.O. Box 40528, Toronto, Ontario, M9B  6K8.

Thank you for your consideration.  I would be deeply grateful for your sponsorship.

Lili Hrabchak

Please visit _www.nationalkidscancerride.com or call 1-866-4446 for more information.

Editor’s Note: The ride is underway, but it is never too late to donate!

Creemore Vertical Challenge

Creemore Vertical Challenge

Although Creemore boasts mild temperatures in the summer, early July can still be hot.  To reduce exposure to the sun, 2 new trails will replace almost 3K of country roads and break up the longest stretch of road with more shade.  With the new trails, about half of the Creemore course is now comprised of a variety of trails, from gentle broadpath to “less flat” sections with rope assists.

The “Poste Trail” has been introduced near the end of the road section that includes the first hill.  This will allow some recovery for those not used to running up a 2K hill and provide a shaded section in which to cool down.  The trail is a grass covered broad path amongst pine trees, with quite good footing.  The trail proceeds east starting near the top of hill #1 with a gentle downhill for 700 meters, then turns back west with a gentle uphill back to the top of hill #1.

The longest road section used to start at the 16K point at the top of hill #4 (Top hill) and proceed without much shade to the 23K mark.  The “Flack Track” starts at the old 18K mark (now at 19.5K thanks to the Poste trail) and proceeds through a grain field before reaching the shade of a mature hardwood bush.  It also has a most interesting valley with a shallow stream crossing.  The far side of the valley climbs to aid station #2, which is followed by a long downhill (Hill #1 in reverse).

The changes provide 3 advantages over the old course:  Less country road, more shade and no additional hills!  Although the change includes a valley, a significant difference is that valleys go down and then up, whereas hills go up and then down.  It is expected that the current configuration will be maintained in future years.

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