Angeles Crest 100 RaceBook Now online

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AC100 RaceBook Now online

Hello everybody:

The Angeles Crest 100 Racebook is now online. This was a
good year to

revise a lot of content.

1] There is a new finish line. This is at Loma Alta Park
in Altadena,

instead of Johnson’s Field. The distance is the
same but with the added character-building bonus os one last climb before
hitting the short paved section.

2] There are updated maps to get you to the start,
finish, and all the cougar-dodging, poison oak-whacking stuff in-between.

to wit:

***Highway 2 is still blocked at Vincent Gap due to the
slides in 2005. In the book it says “2005 Detour”. Hopefully this
will be fixed by late summer. The map in the book explains all.

***The finish line=97which is very close to Johnson
Field. Be sure the

turn when the road bends, and not crash into the yellow
pipe gates.

***The split chart beloved by all and sundry record
chasers has been  updated with a blend of Jim O’Brien’s record time to the
Rose Bowl,  followed by other Rose Bowl and Johnson Field finishers. Suzanna
Bon =20 cracked Evelyn Marshall’s ’94 record this year as well. After taking first woman at Western States.

I’ll update the split chart early next year with new
finish times. In

any event, your work is cut out for you.

I’m sure I might have missed something. Let me know,
& I’ll correct it.

I look forward to seeing many of your smiling faces in
front of my camera at this year’s Angeles Crest and Western States finish


Larry Gassan

AC100 Race Book Editor

The 2008 RaceBook PDF:

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