Colac Six Day Race 2008 – Cancelled and never to be held again

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Well – That is what is going to happen if there isn’t a few more entries by the end of July!

I will be very disappointed for the effort that Lee has put in and I will be very disappointed for the legacy of Cliff Young.  It will be a very sad day for the sport in Australia.

Some people in the sport will say that there are too many events on the calender and it should be co-ordinated. You are never going to have a completely co-ordinated calender and there is room for more events on the calender.

In hindsight though – I wont be surprised if the Event does fold! I saw it coming three years ago!

See below for the latest letter from the RD , Lee Troop.

To all ultra runners, walkers and supporters of the Colac Six Day Event,

As you are aware the entry standard has been dropped for this year’s race but still there are very little entries.

If by the end of July there are insufficient entries the race will be cancelled and there will never be a six day race in Colac again.

You have a chance to save your sport and make it a wonderful event again but the future of it is in your hands.

I have done all I can to resurrect it with funding, sponsorship and community support but without athletes it is pointless and will only make the people of Colac realise that they should not have given this event a second chance.

So I urge you if you are running to enter a.s.a.p OR if you are not to encourage others to do so that may be sitting back still undecided.

I received alot of emails and phone calls when I took over the event that people would support it so where are you now?

This will be the last SOS to athletes and judgement day for the race will be at the end of this month.

In 2008, the tradition continues. (let’s hope)

Yours Faithfully,

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Lee Troop