Trans USA Updates

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Another dose of Trans-USA Updates

Quite a few new walks added. Some updated running info. Follow along any ones that interest you! Pass along info/links to any new ones you hear about.


Completed recently:

Nation Run

Andrew Wahila, Matthew Durkin, Ken Stannard

2/1/08-5/26/08 2,788 miles Tybee Island, GA – La Jolla, CA

A Journey for 9/11

George Martin

9/16/07-6/21/08 3,003 miles New York City, NY – San Diego, CA

Freedom Run Across America

Tom & Warren Knoll

3/1/08-7/4/08 3,360 miles San Diego, CA =AD Washington, DC

Currently running or walking:

SUNwalk 2008

Martin Vosseler

1/1/08 =AD 9/1/08 3,600 miles LA, CA =AD Washington, DC =AD NYC, NY

The Longest Walk 2

100 core walkers, 3000+ participants overall

2/11/08 =AD 4,400 miles San Francisco, CA =AD Washington, DC

Walk America 2008

BJ Hill

3/1/08 =AD 11/1/08 3,000+ miles SF, CA =AD Boston, MA

Walk for Freedom

Athein & Zaw Min Htwe

3/1/08 =AD 8/8/08 3,000 Miles Portland, OR =AD NYC, NY

Rick Walks America

Rick Hammersley

4/1/08 =AD 10/1/08 3,700 miles Bodega Bay, CA =AD Coney Island, NY

Run 3200

Elena Helmerick

4/1/08 =AD TBD 3,200 miles Virginia Beach, VA =AD Orick, CA

Elias Tembenis Walk for Autism

Robert Williams & Bobby Genese

5/13/08 =AD TBD =8C09 3,000 miles San Francisco, CA =AD Washington, DC

A Thousand Thanks

Keela Carr

5/28/08 =AD TBD 2,700 miles Ft. Irwin, CA =AD Washington, DC

Nick Walks America

Nick Moffatt

6/17/08 =AD 1/2/09 3,000 miles NYC, NY =AD Los Angeles, CA

Run To Vote

Jonathan Williams

6/14/08 =AD TBD 48 continental states

Run for the Fallen

Team of Runners

6/14/08 =AD 8/23/08 3,000+ miles Fort Irwin, CA =AD Washington, DC


Where=B9s Karkl?

Karl Meltzer

8/5/08 =AD 9/21/08 2,147 miles Appalachian Trail

Four Million Steps

Tommy Neeson

8/28/08 =AD 11/11/08 2,300 miles Bangor, ME =AD Miami, FL

Running America

Charlie Engle & Marshall Ulrich

8/8/08 (9/11/08?) – 9/22/08 (10/26/08)? 3,200 miles SF, CA =AD NYC, NY

Million Dollar Run

Rick Singer

2/20/09 =AD 4/6/09 2,800 miles LA, CA =AD NYC, NY