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Hello From Montana!

It has been two months since I completed my solo run across Montana to promote youth fitness globally. That 620-mile trek in 20 days on the pavement was quite a challenge and brought back some familiar feelings from my 3,260-mile solo run across America in 2006. I’ve logged thousands of miles in an effort to encourage children to greater health and fitness, and the pursuit of their goals and dreams. I’m pleased to announce that beginning April 22, 2009 I will once again embark on a “P.A.C.E. Trek” to try and encourage kids worldwide!

So, where in the world will “Bob” (the stroller) and I be going? Just go to and you’ll see!

For those of you who like things in a nutshell, a press release is available at

Teachers, coaches, and other youth educators can now sign up teams for FREE to participate in the three-week P.A.C.E. Trek 2009. It will be an amazing 500-mile challenge through a part of the world that many kids are unfamiliar with. Once again, I will be posting journal entries, pictures, videos and audio files from the road as the journey unfolds – hoping to encourage and educate participating kids through the web site.

Enjoy the remainder of your summer and please share news of P.A.C.E. Trek 2009 with others as opportunities allow. Complete details are at the web site. We had 8,000 children from 8 countries involved in the last trek and hope to have even more participating in 2009!

Gotta Run,

Paul J. Staso
P.A.C.E. Trek 2009 – Promoting Active Children Everywhere

P.O. Box 3404, Missoula, Montana 59806 U.S.A.

Online at

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