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Bundaberg to Hervey Bay, 7-7-2008 to 7-13, 101 miles, 18,281 Total
World Walk Miles.
Crashed my baby jogger. I stopped by a bridge to read a plaque and
parked my jogger on the grass at a slight angle. Walked down a grassy
mowed hill to “water the bushes”. I heard a whooshing jangling noise
behind me and saw my jogger fly by on it’s own {9.3mph or 15kph, my bike
computer has a max speed save function}. I ran after it as it careened
down a 100 foot grassy hill {maybe 15 degree slope}. Luckily it missed a
tree by about 10 feet and came to a soft stop in some tall grass and
reeds bordering the river. No damage, but with a full load of water and
food it weighed maybe 100 pounds. Would have bent frame, shattered plastic
foot locker maybe. I did see two kids ride by on their bikes as I went
down to bushes, so either they gave it a shove, or my mistake for
parking it on a slight incline.
Into Bundaberg on a cool rainy day. Not cold enough for my
Gore-Tex suit, so I had on my lightweight Tyvek coveralls. Should have taken
off my sandals and switched to leather walking shoes. Feet and sandals
all wet and cold. So in front of store under awning I switched to warm
wool, Gore-Tex, and leather shoes. Nice to be warm and dry after being
cold and wet.
Peter Linney came up to ask questions about my walk and asked me
to come over to the local radio station for an interview the next day.
Told him I would if I decided to stay around for an extra day. Walked
around town a bit in the rain, checked my email at internet cafe,
shopped for groceries, and stopped at city jail backpackers hostel to take a
look. Nice hot large Hawaiian Pizza at Dominoes {$3.95 on Sundays} Ate
the whole thing out front on a bench under the awning watching the rain
come down. Headed out of town, but still rainy and cold so I stopped
early at 4pm when I saw a soccer field with a porch on one end of a
locker room. Right next to the West Suburbs League Club parking lot, so I
sat there for a while and set my tent up when it got dark at 5.30pm.
Nobody said anything, although cars were coming and going, so I figured it
would be okay. I have a good tent, but just nicer to sleep under a porch
or picnic shelter when it is raining all day.
Back into the city in the morning, stopped outside Bundy Email
Center by Heather. She asked me about my walk and invited me in for free
coffee and internet time. So I sat down and wrote my 7th week article
and emailed it out. Around town to do a few things and then over to the
Coral Coast Radio Station for the interview. Peter called the local
channel 7 TV station , and they came over and did an interview too. Off to
the Sugarland Mall where I talked to Steve Foster, the local Cobbler
about putting a new heel on my Teva Wraptor Sandals. I was wearing through
the rubber sole to the foam. He said he should be able to fix them by
tomorrow noon. I usually get 1200 to 1500 miles out of them before I
wear through the rubber heels. Peter Linney, the radio announcer invited
me to a home cooked dinner, hot shower, and stay over at his place with
his wife and him. So he met me at the mall and gave me a lift to his
home. Great dinner with nice people. Up a little later then usual,
nice breky{breakfast}, then Peter walked me over to community center
for an interview for a local newsletter.
Stopped in at the mall on my way out of town and Steve Foster the
the Cobbler had my sandals all fixed and ready to go. Nice hard plastic
or composite heel. Had the letters TOBY on it. Either company name or
acronym for the material, forgot to ask. Looks like they should last a
good long time. The foam rubber underneath will probably break down
Stopped at the Pumpkin Hut for some onions and avocados and the
man said no charge, have a good walk around Australia. Filled up some of
my water bottles at a picnic area. Even some picnic shelters have rain
water storage tanks for drinking water. I still put 2 drops of bleach
per liter or quart of water to purify and be sure the water is safe
enough to drink.
As I came into Apple Creek a lady stopped to invite me to her home
for a dinner and stay over with her family. Nice stay with the Seymour
family, great dinner, laundered clothes, and another hot shower. Breky
in the morning and a big bag of food to take with me.
Into Childers where several people stopped to chat and said they
saw me on TV. Jan from Rudz Cafe gave me some nice scones {biscuits},
and told me to stop by her cafe in town for a free lunch on her. So a
little later I found her Cafe and had the special lunch, chicken pasta,
salad, fries, cole slaw, with a chocolate milkshake and a chocolate chip
muffin for dessert. With all this food people are giving me you would
think I should be gaining weight. But I am down 13 pounds from 180 to
167 pounds {12 stone or 76 kilograms} in 2 months. I guess people must
think I am skinny and starving and they need to fatten me up. Local
journalist caught me as I was leaving town for another interview.  As I was walking towards Hervey Bay a lady stopped to chat and give me a big bag of fruit. She had looked up my diet page on my website and brought 6 bananas, 3 oranges, 2 apples, and a carrot. A rough estimate of the fruit and veg I eat during the day. I have since added, 1 tomato, 1 onion, and sometimes a cantaloupe, besides the other stuff I eat. She had also emailed me earlier to stop and visit her in Hervey Bay. So just as the sun was setting I met her as she walked down the street near her home. Nice stay with Merike Johnson and her husband. Pizza party with a couple of her friends, ice cream for dessert, hot shower, warm bed and some computer time. Nice breky of hot leftover pizza, and coffee with full cream {heavy cream}. Much better than weak milk, half and half, or artificial stuff in coffee. She had a bookshelf full of adventure travel books, so I wrote down a bunch of titles for future reading. Big bag of leftover pizza and one book for the road, “Into the Wild” by John Krakuer. Great stay with a real nice couple.
Amazing all the thousands of people that pass me every day, a few take the time to stop, chat, give me advice, food, drink, invite me into their home for coffee or a home cooked meal. Really great when you are traveling to meet locals, chat, and learn about their area. Lots of signs and public anger about the Queensland State Government wanting to dam the Mary River and send the water down to Brisbane. Big problem with the Murray River dying from overuse of water down in southeast Australia. Because of climate change Australia is getting dryer with a big drought going on for quite a while now. So lots of fighting for water and higher prices for everything.
I guess most people are in a hurry and do not have time to stop and chat so they just wave and beep.
Other people are unsure of me, maybe I am a crazy escaped homeless person, a bum, or maybe a criminal so they are to afraid to stop. I have had a few people email me and say they wish they would have stopped to chat but took down my website address and looked me up. Lots of nice people out there, so feel free to stop and talk, if you feel they are to strange you can always just say bye and move on.
Headed south for Brisbane now. Email me with questions and comments at walking_man_50{at sign}pocketmail{dot}com .

Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing, Singing Zippity Do Dah All Day Long.

PS. thanks for all the song lyrics people have sent me, feel free to send any of your favorite road songs for me to sing.