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Story idea by Tony Mangan

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Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 10:20:16 To: Rosie Subject: Privilege WEB POSTCARD

Hello Everybody,

You are all with me every minute as I run down Britain.. Thank you again, your support is amazing and helps me so very much. I don’t need an alarm clock! I was woken by birdsong at 4am Every morning, I look forward to this most beautiful of experiences. My location is near Milnthorpe on the A6. I am only 16 miles north of Lancaster…

I’m getting CLOSER!!!!and CLOSER – only about 240 miles to go now I’m still living in Iceland 98 per cent of the time, so that I can go ‘on and off watch’ . Running the miles in segments on a 24 hour clock means I can often run at night and in the early hours when traffic is less. So progress at a steady average of about 15 miles a day has been satisfactory.

I’m grateful for so much kindness. My torn muscle was attended to by the Athletes Angels, and is nearly better. Icebird’s broken welding, which had been weakened by being flung about in one of the worst winter storms in Iceland, was mended by Graeme Paterson, a wonderful blacksmith in Moffat. Stuart Laird and his 6 year old grand daughter Heather Laird helped fix a puncture, after one inner tube had 5 holes, and I’d run out of spare tubes and patches..

Off Beat Bikes in Fort William had helped so much too. And fabulously kind friend and ally Geoff Hall drove up to see me last week in Gret Green, kindly bringing comfy new Saucony tops and shorts, sports supplements from Dr Brian Welsby, to encourage my slight leg injury to heal fast!!!!! Best of all, he brought a strobe light for safety, a gift from my always thoughtly generous son James.

ALso there’s great news that I’ll be meeting up with Eve and many others of my marvellous family in Liverpool en route for Wales Special thank you to Catherine Addison and Nedd for stoic help with my postbag and much else. Also to Ann Rowell, who is in charge of the TENBY HOMECOMING!!!!!!!

It IS such a privilege to run down Great Britain. The countryside is even more lovely than I had remembered. One of the pleasures of sleeping in the open, is that just like everywhere else, I’ve become part of the wildlife. At night I see the shining eyes of foxes, and hear owls. and see the bats flying.. I was also visited by two hedgehogs! Then long before dawn, the birds start singing, as if they just can’t wait for the day.

People amazingly friendly and kind everywhere too! I can’t get over how courteous all the traffic is to Icebird. I specially would like to thank the drivers of the big lorries who are especially caring and kind, and the British Police, who are always very helpful and cheery.. So! – only about 240 miles to TENBY as I write this morning.

Every day gets better and better. Practical life is such fun now. It feels so great to actually be able to call at a store – and buy apples!! An apple was something beyond my wildest dreams in places like Siberia

During this journey as a whole it has been a great privilege to highlight the need for cancer awareness and early diagnosis.  I’ve heard from people who tell me they went for a check up because my run reminded them of the need, and that their lives have been saved. I thank the world media, especially the USA and British media for their great help in this. As the Goshen Center for Cancer Indiana described it when they asked me to be their spokesperson last year – ‘EARLY SCREENING SAVES LIVES!’ -Or! as a charming Scottish lady recently put it even more aptly, and straight to the point! – ‘LOOK AFTER YOUR BITS AND PIECES…YOU’LL MISS THEM WHEN THEY’RE GONE!!’

The most brilliant and fantastic news of the week of course, has been about the Royal Marsden Hospital’s breakthrough in the treatment of Prostate Cancer. THREE CHEERS. FOR THE ROYAL MARSDEN HOSPITAL – I honour and admire you more than words can say. Rosie

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