Costa Rica 24hr Adventure Race

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We have now received dates for the Costa Rica 24hr Adventure Race,  6th – 7th December 2008. Across the Divide have put together two itineraries; either a 6 or 8 day stay;  the 8-day allowing you to spend 2 days rafting on the Pacuare River.

This year’s race takes place near the Arenal Volcano. Race activities include jungle trekking, canopy traversing and navigation over a course of between 70km and 145 km (depending on the route PRO or SPORT).

The Adventure Race is an expedition style race.  This year’s race features 2 routes – the PRO route that is between 100 – 145 km and the SPORT route that is 70 – 90 km in total.  Both routes will be marked by check points.  Some of these points will have staff signing teams off and stamping passports while others will just be a box chained to a tree.  At these Way Point Boxes you will be required to deposit a WPB card and take a picture of the rest of your team in front of the box. Teams will receive maps and instructions to the location of these check points.  Teams must reach these check points in the order that has been outlined in the instructions.  The first set of instructions will be given out minutes before the start of the race.   A new set of instructions for the following stage will be handed out at the conclusion of each stage – 5 in total:

Trekking | Mountain Biking | Climbing/Ropes | Sea Kayaking | Navigation

The route remains a top secret until race day!

Travelling through the day and into the night, the route uncovers the diverse and rugged terrain of the area.  After a long night of racing, the sun creeping up over the distant horizon will be a welcome sight. Arriving at the finish after completing this gruelling course will give you an incredible sense of achievement.

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· Dates for 6 day itinerary – 4th – 9th December.

· Dates for 8 day itinerary – 2nd – 9th December.

· Images available on request

· Full details on the race can be found here

· Contacts:             Steve Clark, Race Director

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