One more mile – Starting 1st Nov 08

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Well, I did it, I have been talking about it for some time and I set up the One More Mile challenge to start November 1st and see who can run one mile on day one and keep adding one more mile each day consecutively until dropping out due to whatever reason (time, injury, frustration, etc.)  It is a real curiosity of mine to see who can go the farthest (i.e., who is the most stubborn out there?)

There will be an entry fee of 20 dollars which will ALL be distributed to charity (see the blog) and the winner gets to choose the charity for 50% – I chose the other charity for the second half.  (NAMI –

Entry forms will be posted on the blog within the week for any interested.  Best of luck for all who enter!  Who will go the furthest?  Just One…..More…..Mile!

Disclaimer – no animals were hurt in the creation of this blog or idea, and to any who wish to flame the idea or discredit it, go ahead, this is just intended to be FUN and hopefully if enough people sign on it will benefit some people in need around Thanksgiving when they might need it most (I personally don’t see the winner going much past Thanksgiving due to time constraints on most peoples lives…)  The rules on the blog about reporting and such will be IRONCLAD as it wouldn’t be fair to give anyone special treatment for ANY reason.  This is not intended to interfere with any scheduled races or running events as you can count those miles in your daily run (see blog for details!)

PLEASE feel free to forward and share this email with any and all whom you think might be interested.  Also feel free to post the link on any personal or business website where appropriate such as running discussion groups, etc.  Realize that this is not intended for ANY personal gain and once again is supposed to be a FUN fitness building challenge that might benefit others in need.

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