Pat Farmer to return to Ultrarunning?

Posted on August 17, 2008 by

Page 31 of the Sunday Telgraph today, reports that Pat Farmer is considering making a 20,000km Solo Run from the North Pole to the South Pole. He is expecting that the run will take eleven months and will raise money for charity.

He is still seeking sponsorship and no date has been set.  He has apparently started training for this new challenge.  He also has to decide if he does the run, does he quit Federal Politics or spend eleven months away from his electorate.

He started his long distance running career in the Westfield Runs, before progressing up in distance to 1000 miles races and then various solo efforts. He  then ran around Australia in 191 days back in 1999, which was the quickest lap of Australia, but not the longest achieved by an Australian.  He then entered Federal Politics and only just held onto his seat at the last election by the slightest of margins ( 1000 votes)

Farmer will be the first person to run from the North Pole to South Pole but he has to remember that this will not be the furthest or longest continuous.  Gary Parsons and Jesper Olsen spring to mind.  But good luck to him for trying to raise more money for charity.