Phil Rosenstein – Running Across America

Posted on August 19, 2008 by

Hello America! I am running the entire Route 66 from Santa Monica, CA to Chicago, IL and then continuing on to Atlantic City, NJ to complete the transcontinental run. I will be alone and I am prepared to do it on my own every step of the way. But, this run will go much easier with a little help from a few people along the way. Here are some ways you could help –

1) Lodging – I am going to be running through a lot of towns on my way across America. Close to two hundred towns are actually on my route. I am fully prepared to spend every night sleeping outside under a tree, in a park or open field. However, if I am coming through your part of the country and you wouldn’t mind housing a runner for a night…I would be much obliged. I am an ultrarunner and therefore can endure less-than-ideal conditions. I’ll sleep in the barn, in the garage, on the floor, your backyard or whatever is easiest for you. I’ll also help you out washing the dishes or taking out the trash. If you are interested in housing me for a night, take a look at the list of towns I am running through. If you live within a couple miles of historic Route 66, I’ll run there. Just e-mail me at and include your contact info and a good time to be reached.

2) Aid Station – In ultramarathons, there are “Aid Stations” every few fours or so. These offer runners a chance to get more water, a bite to eat and a rest break. If someone could offer me a place to recharge my cell phone, a shower, a chance to do some laundry and internet access (to update this website). You’d be surprised how much I could get done in an hour and how helpful it would be to me.

3) Pass along my website to everyone you know – Family, friends, co-workers, your brothers best friend’s sister, your softball team, your book club, your church group, your running club, your college friends, your local media. This would be a huge help. The more people that know about my run the better. It will help me and it will help The Mario Lemieux Foundation (

4) Donations – One reason for my run is to raise attention and money for The Mario Lemieux Foundation ( You can learn more and donate by clicking on the link. All donations will go straight to the charity and are tax-deductible. No funds will go to myself.