Tony Mangan takes on 48hr Treadmill attempt this weekend

Posted on August 20, 2008 by

This weekend , the Bono of Irish Ultrarunning, Tony Mangan is making an attempt on the  World 48hr Treadmill record.

It is being held in conjunction with the Longford Marathon this weekend in Ireland.  Tony starts his attempt at 10.00am on Friday 22 Aug and finishes at 10.00am on  Sunday 24 Aug.  He will then run the marathon straight after!

Tony held the 48hr treadmill record previously when he ran 372km.  This was beaten by Suresh Joachim who ran 386.410km. Suresh is well known for establishing a few endurance away from mainstream competition under sometimes doubtful circumstances! It is also believed that when he broke Tony’s existing record, he was holding the treadmill bar for quite a while (which isnt in the accepted Treadmill running rules). But I digress.

Tony’s record attempt can be followed this weekend at his website which is:  Tony Mangan.  This will be updated throughout by myself and Dave Putney.  Tony’s handler for the event is Alan Young from Scotland.  Alan is doing a fantastic job for the sport in the UK and should be commended for his efforts.

Attached is the Press Release for Tony’s attempt:


PS – It is also 30 years today since Tony commenced his Epic World Bike Ride.  Long distance has been in his blood for a long time!  🙂