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Week 11. Brisbane to Tweed Heads, 7-28-2008 to 8-3, 92 miles, 18,566 Total World Walk Miles.

Wore out my Teva Wraptor running sandals after 1400 miles. The new heel the cobbler put on 400 miles back was still good, but I could feel the foam rubber breaking down as my feet were getting a little sore after walking all day. Found a nice pair of Teva Dozer Walking sandals at a Athletes Foot store just outside Brisbane for half price.
Stayed on the north side of Brisbane with somebody I met 2 months ago up near the Townsville motorcycle rally. Maddy stopped her motor scooter to chat and invited me to visit her when I passed through Brisbane. Nice hot dinner, hot shower, and warm bed. She printed out some nice google maps to help me get through the city that were a lot of help.
Long walk through the big city of Brisbane. Cracked sidewalks, angled curb ramps, traffic lights, pollution, noise, and all the people overwhelm me after a while.  Real nice to find a nice quiet bike path on the south side of the city and get a little way from all the traffic and noise.
Really glad once I got on to the bike path/sidewalk all along the Gold Coast beachfront. Lots of walkers, bikers, dog, ladies with 3 wheel baby joggers, but only one person rollerblading. I guess rollerblading never caught on here like in the USA. Kind of built up with high rise condos like Florida, but a few small towns as you go further south. Lots of surfers carving up the waves, with one real long break at Surfers Paradise. Surfers were all spread out instead of being crowded together at separate breaks.  Each town has a Surf Club that has a restaurant and bar to make money to support the lifeguard and lifesaving activities. They also get a subsidy from the government for there work.  All the beach side parks have public toilets, picnic bench’s, cold water showers, and electric BBQ grills to cook on. Quite a few families have invited me to join them for a sausage, onion,  and BBQ sauce sandwich.
One man invited me into his home for coffee and also a big plate of roast beef, tomatoes, cole slaw, and pasta salad. He had a mobile BBQ business, with a whole yard full of portable chuck wagons to cater picnics, weddings, and parties. Got a nice photo of me in front of and old style chuck wagon, kind of like what I would like to build next year. He asked me if I had heard that the USA was going to combine with Mexico and Canada to form one big country, The United North American States. Been listening to the BBC News  every night and have not heard anything yet. Must be one of those wild conspiracy theories. We already have free trade agreements with both countries, and lots of Mexicans already live and work up here anyway. Canadians are pretty similar to us anyway, and they have lots of oil, gas, timber, and other natural resources. So it would actually work out pretty good. Of course all the Mexicans would probably move to the USA right away, but we need them to pick all are fruit, vegetables, build are houses, cut the grass, and all the other jobs Americans do not want to do anymore.

WEEK 12. Tweed Heads to Brunswick Heads, 8-4-2008 to 8-10, 53 miles, 18,619 Total World Walk Miles.
Woke up with a muscle spasm is my lower back just outside Kingscliff. Hard to straighten up and do my normal morning routine of cooking brekky, starting campfire, and breaking down camp. Must have slept on a pine cone or just the combined sidewalk cracks, potholes, and other jolts coming through the handlebars, my arms, and down my back. The hot fire helped warm up my back, and I had a slow walk into town to find a Chiropractor. Waited outside till he opened, and the receptionist gave me a hot wheat pack to put on my back while I waited. Full schedule, but the first two patients called in to cancel, so the Doctor saw me right away. Nice spine adjustment, massage on my sore muscle, and advice on stretching exercises to get the sore muscle healthy again. Bought some “Goana Heat” muscle cream to rub on my back 4 or 5 times a day. Kingscliff is a nice quiet beach town so I stayed 4 days to take it easy and let my back heal completely. One long green strip along the beach with picnic tables, psycho path(cycle path, some people seem to have a hard time understanding my accent), public toilets, beach access paths, and nice strip of woods and grass between the park and beach to protect the dunes. Lots of woods to camp in and one local family invited me to join them for dinner and a stay over. Kevin and Jenny Bourke stopped to talk to me as they were doing their morning beach walk. They pick up beach trash every morning and have a website www.beachtrash.com.au with photos of the trash they have collected and emails from others that collect beach trash. Nice hot shower, dinner of BBQ of steak, with potatoes, veggies, and wine. Nothing like a hot shower and a warm bed to help make a sore back feel better. Nice cup of coffee with real cream in the morning, and then an early morning beach walk. No trash this morning, but lots of walkers, dogs, fishermen, and two sets of horse tracks. Height limit of 3 stories on most of this area so lots of new 3 stories houses and condos mixed in with a few old cottages.
Took it easy for a couple days and read a lot, took a long siesta nap, fixed a few things, swam in the ocean, and talked to a lot of local people. Back felt a lot better after a while so I moseyed on down south along the coast. Days are nice and sunny at around 60 to 70F, with nights cold at around 32 to 50F. Just got my first freeze on August 9Th. Nice and warm inside my sleeping bag and tent, but a little ice on the outside of my tent when I got up. Nothing like a nice hot fire in the morning to warm up to and watch the sky light up and the sun rise.
Headed south for Sydney and Melbourne. Email me at walking_man_50(at sign)pocketmail(dot)com with questions and comments about my walk.
Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing, Singing Zippity Do Dah All Day Long.
Gary “Walkingman” Hause.