Walking Man – Grafton to Nambucca Heads

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Grafton to Nambucca Heads, 8-18-2008 to 8-24, 92 miles, 18,840 Total World Walk Miles.
Out of Grafton after a very nice stay with the Bloomer family. Always nice when a local invites me to stay and shares their home and friendship with me.
Stopped at the Police station and then Library to see if I could print out the law on walking here in Australia. The police did not have it, but they gave me a website address where  I could look it up. So now I have something printed up that I can show the police when they hassle me for walking on the road. Not as good as the South Carolina law, it tends to tell more about what you can not do, as opposed to what rights you have. Now I can quote section 14, paragraph 238 to the next cop.
Nice little tree park by the bus stop as I left Grafton. They had an info board on the timber industry in the local area with all the different trees planted in the park with info boards on each variety. They also had a section of a100 year old railway bridge made out of local timbers. Almost all the trees in Australia are in the Eucalyptus family, but the common name seems to be gum trees. They are all evergreen trees as opposed to losing their leaves every fall. The only exception is the snow gun tree up in the Australian Alps where they get all their snow.
Got an email from a guy that did a video interview of me a month ago. He put it on You Tube, but the library did not have any earphones, so I have not heard it yet. Here is a link to it, http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gary+walkingman+hause&search_type=&aq=fv=3DNTl1milD_fQ .
I guess you have to search for Gary Walkingman Hause to find my you tube video, not sure why my link will not bring it up.
My left shoulder has been sore for 2 days now. I can see something in the mirror that looks like a pimple, scab, or a tick. Right in the middle of my back, so hard to reach. I can just barely touch it with the back of my thumbnail. Gives me a shot of pain when I touch it, so I think it is a tick. Got my tweezers, neosporin, and a bandage out so I will be ready when I find someone to help take it off. Ran into 3 road workers fixing the road. The first man said “yep, that’s a tick, have that other guy take it off, I do not have my glasses with me”. Second took one look and started gagging. He said he still had a big hole in his back from a tick and to talk to the third guy. The third man said he would pull it off. So I gave him my tweezers and he slowly twisted and pulled it off. Boy that hurt, when you pull on them they bite in hard and release some more toxin I think. The road worker said it was a “white paralysis tick”, and that I was lucky I got it off, as they can paralyze you. He said 3 or 4 of those ticks will take a dog or calf down. Shoulder feels a lot better now. As I was getting ready to leave one of the men went over to the ditch with his pickax and but an injured Kangaroo out of his misery. Just before I got there a car hit a Kangaroo and it was lying in the ditch dying. I asked them if they were going to take it home for bush meat, but they said no, too bruised up. I just had stopped for lunch 15 minutes earlier, so I was not really hungry enough to skin it and roast it up. Kind of a hot day anyway, and I just had some Kangaroo stew last week.
Stopped at the Glenreagh General Store for some groceries and 2 Lady’s stopped me to chat. They said they saw me on TV and that I should come over and join them for lunch at the Community Hall where all their fellow quiltters were eating. So I had a nice lunch of meat pie, coffee, and cakes for dessert. They all had their quilts laying out on the table, and just got a mail package from the USA with some new patch’s in it.
Stopped at one small servo out in the bush and bought some groceries. I asked the lady if I could fill up a water bottle in the rest room. She said no, they were all out of water. No rain for 3 months she said. They had two 5000 gallon rainwater tanks hooked up to their gutters and no town water or well water. She said they were waiting for a tanker truck to fill them up. I stopped a little later and filled up my water bottles at a house that was selling eggs.
As I was walking into Coffs Harbor a couple on a motorcycle stopped to chat. The man had actually talked to me 3 months ago up in Townsville. Dale and Maree Purcell invited me to stay with their family and have a home cooked dinner. Had a nice hot shower when I got there, and then had a nice soak in their jacuzzi hot tub. Just what I needed for my sore shoulder and back. Maree was a Teacher at the local Bishop Druit School, so she called her Principal and asked is she could bring me in to talk to some of the students about my World Walk. He was glad to have me come. So the next morning I drove in with the whole family and gave 4 or 5 talks to something like 300 students from grade 1 up to 9 or 10 I think. They had computers, Internet connection and a projection screen in the classrooms. So I was able to show the students stuff from my website as I gave the talk.The students seemed to be quite interested and had lots of questions for me. Not used to talking that much and had to keep on drinking my sun tea to keep my throat moist. Already I have gotten a few emails from students that liked my talk and had more questions to ask me.
Another home cooked dinner and another soak in the Jacuzzi hot tub finished off a great day. Amazing that every where I go people are always inviting me into their home and being so nice to me.
One more hot shower when I got up and off walking out of the Purcell home with the whole family(Dale, Maree, and the daughters Kylani and Shanae) walking with me for about 3 miles showing me the way out of town and taking turns pushing my baby jogger to see how easy it was.
Headed south for Sydney, email me with questions and comments by clicking on reply or from my website at www.walkingman.org . Having problems with my pocketmail computer, so if you have not heard back from me try emailing me from my other address.
Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing, Singing Zippity Do Dah All Day Long.
Gary “Walkingman” Hause.