Buka wins Kokoda Challenge for the third time

Posted on August 31, 2008 by

30th – 31st August – KOKODA CHALLENGE 2008 – Ultramarathon through rugged bush, tree roots, river crossings, and harsh terrain.

Announcing the winner for the third year in a row, a local personal porter by the name of BRENDAN BUKA aged 25. Results are as follows:

1st – BRENDAN BUKA (Kokoda Trekking KTL) – Time 16:34:05
2nd – WAYNE URINA (Kokoda Trekking KTL) – Time 18:34:06
3rd – CYPRIAN AIRE (Sponsored by Rohan George) – Time 19:11:40
4th – JESSIE AIRE (Kokoda Trekking KTL) – Time of 19:14:15
5th – KELLY AMOS (SAMSON) (Fuzzy Wuzzy Expeditions) – Time 20:21:38
6th – MICHAEL LE ROUX (South African now an Australian) – Time 20:26:03
7th – HORACE YAUGA (Kokoda Trekking KTL) Time 20:35:27
8th – ANDREW YAUGA (Kokoda Trekking KTL) Time 20:38:35
9th – JOEY DUHUBE (Kokoda Spirit) Time 21:44:12
10th – DON WALLACE (Australia) Time 21:45:35

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