6 hour track race for Launceston

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Yes, it’s definitely on, folks!
On Sunday 22nd February 2009 the Launceston Athletic Club will be hosting their first 6 hour track race at the Northern Athletics Centre track, in the suburb of St. Leonards.

This is just a preliminary notice to you all, so that you can start training now!

In a few days’ time we will have a website up which will give more details, entry form, links to airlines, hotels etc.
But I can give you a few basic details now:
It will be from 6 a.m. to mid-day.
It is a good synthetic 400 metre track, with canteen, change rooms, toilets.
Cost will be $30 for individuals. There will also be a relay option (teams of three, running two hours each), and cost for a relay team will be $45.
Trophies for the top three males, top three females, top three walkers. Trophies for the winning male relay team, winning female relay team, and winning mixed relay team.
Medals for all finishers.
You will need to provide your own lap scorers (a la Caboolture D2D). The Launceston Athletic Club may be able to provide some volunteers to score for you if you find it impossible to get someone yourself.
First aid and masseur will be available.

This will be a great opportunity for ultra runners to compete in a serious event in the summer months. Hopefully it won’t be too hot (it can get hot in Tassie, you know!) but by starting and finishing early the chances are that it will be relatively cool.

Mark it in your diary, folks! I’ll keep this thread updated and soon there’ll be a website!

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