Walking Man – Nambucca Heads to Taree

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Nambucca Heads to Taree, 8-24-2008 to 8-31, 138 miles, 18,978 Total World Walk Miles.
First day of spring is here in New South Wales, Australia. Been seeing a few non native deciduous trees and fruit trees budding out new leaves and flowers. All the native trees and bushes are evergreen year round, except for the snow gums up in the alps. I think I am out of the tropics and sub tropics and into the temperate zone of Australia. No more sugar cane, pineapples, or bananas. Mostly cattle, dairy cows, fruit trees, and hay fields. I saw 2 white birds with double yellow beaks, I will have to look up their names. They were making quite a lot of noise and I saw that they had three baby chicks in the short grass just hatched. So I walked over to take a look. The baby chicks hunkered down and stayed still in the grass. They had dark black and brown spots on their back and blended right in with the dead grass. Mornings are not quite as cold, and days are getting a little longer, so I am not getting a fire going every morning. The Kookaburra birds usually wake me up every morning. They have this crazy maniac laughing call that makes you think they are monkeys. I think quite a few jungle movies use their call as a typical jungle sound. Lots of towns are having spring garden expos and nursery’s are advertising all their specials. Australians are big on gardens like the English it seems.
Another man on a red Honda postie motorbike (mailman bike) stopped to chat. His friend had stopped last week and invited me to visit him down in Laurieton. So I stopped at the New Tribes Mission Training School to spend the night and have a nice home cooked meal with them. Scott Rohdich took me on a tour of the area, down to the beach to check out the surf, and then up to a nice viewpoint on top of the local mountain.
Lots of motorcycles out riding in groups on the weekends. One group of Harley’s went by and I tried to count them, over 100 I think. Little to loud for my liking. I guess the Harley company even has that loud sound patented so nobody else copies it. One man I talked to at a servo was testing all his gear on a test run for a around the world motorcycle ride. He had a heads up display helmet, sat phone, website, and you can contact him from his website to his sat phone as he is riding. I think his website is www.twistybitz.net . A little too much tech gear for my taste. He probably spends more money in one day than I spend in 2 or 3 months. But I guess some people have so much money they can spend it on all kinds of expensive stuff. At about 400 miles a day, say 25,000 miles around the earth, it would take him about 62 days to ride around the world. At my 20 miles a day pace it would take me 4 years. So far in about 3.5 to 4 years of walking over the last 12 years I have walked almost 19,000 miles.
Stopped at a servo and ate my sausage roll on the sidewalk outside. One mom and her daughter gave me $2.50 as they came out the store. Lots of people I guess when they first see me think I am a homeless bum down on my luck. But if they take the time to talk to me they realize I have a website, a plan to walk around the world, computer, top of the line camping gear, and everything else I need to have an fun and enjoyable world walk. After talking to me lots of people say they wish they could do what I am doing, but have jobs, family, debts, responsibilities, and other things holding them down. I like to keep life as simple as possible, too many material possessions just complicates your life and limits your freedom. As long as I have my good health, camping gear, common sense and a good chunk of money saved up and invested wisely, I can do anything I want and go anywhere I want to.
Looking forward to retiring next year from working half the year and walk full time. Planning on how to build my mini Conestoga Wagon/Sheep Camp and walk across Canada next summer. Would like to brush up on my wilderness survival skills and learn better how to forage for wild bush foods, small game, and fish. I think with my wagon as a base camp and a backpack I could get my daily food costs down to about a dollar a day for a few basics and forage the rest. Lots of great national forests and BLM land in the western USA where you can camp and wonder with out seeing anybody for a long time.
Headed south for Sydney and Melbourne. Email me with questions and comments by clicking on reply or from my website at www.walkingman.org .
Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing, Singing Zippity Do Dah All Day Long.
Gary “Walkingman” Hause.