MDT193 – solo run of Mason-Dixon Trail

Posted on September 19, 2008 by

MDT193 – solo run of Mason-Dixon Trail

Friends and fellow runners,

Just want to shout out that I’m going for it, a solo run of the Mason-
Dixon Trail, 193 miles of trail and road, connecting the Appalachian
Trail at Whiskey Springs, with the Horseshoe Trail in Chadds Ford, PA.
I’ll have some support, having my car moved each day to a new
destination along the trail.

Heading out October 8, Wednesday, with plan to finish on the weekend
(alternate of one week later if weather is particularly miserable).
Trying to keep a wordpress journal of notes and musings:
(though I’m not sure how I’ll be able to add to it once on the

Thanks to all of you who’ve been my inspirations along the way! Of
course, I’m all ears as to any and all suggestions from those who run
this sort of thing.

Paul Melzer
Chesapeake City, MD

PS I hoping to get some to commit two bits (25 cents) per mile run to
one of three charities: research to cure breast cancer, ALS, and MS.
Please consider this if you feel a spark to. (Get in touch and/or
follow the mdt193 journal.)