Dates set for 2009 Coburg 24hr

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Hello everyone

I am pleased to announce that dates for the 2009 Coburg 24 Hour Carnival have now been finalised. Full race information and entry forms are available for downloading from

Like 2008, the 2009 Coburg 24 Hour Carnival will extend over 3 days. The traditional ultra distance of 24 Hours will be held on our usual mid April weekend and the 6 Hour event will again stand alone in its own right as a separate Ultra event on Sunday 15th March. To summarize, the key dates are

  • 6 Hour Run and Walk  – Sunday 15 March 1009, 8AM-2PM
  • 24 Hour Run and Walk – 10AM Sat 18 April 2009 to 10AM Sunday 19 April 2009

Last year, when we offered a 12 Hour / 24 Hour combination event, we were overwhelmed by entries and the event filled by late January. Consequently, we have decided not to offer a 12 Hour option this year. We have also removed the 12 Hour Relay option from our event mix. We want to give preference to 24 Hour entrants and will reserve all 45 places for those who want to test themselves over this most traditional of the ultra distances.

What better way to prepare for the 24 Hour endurance event than to test yourself out 5 weeks before with a 6 Hour hit-out! With this in mind, a discount is being offered for any competitors who choose to enter both the 6 Hour and the 24 Hour event. Overall, our entry prices remain unchanged from last year and are as follows:

* 24 HOUR $60
* 6 HOUR $40
* 6 HOUR & 24 HOUR $80

You are invited to download the entry form from either website and read further about what is on offer. A reminder that, being a track race, we restrict entries to a total of 45 competitors for each weekend. So don’t leave your entry too late. We do not reserve entries – places are based on a first-come first-served basis. Later entries will be put on a waiting list and will be allocated places only if we have any withdrawals in the period leading up to the events.

Please contact me if you have any questions or need me to clarify any areas of concern.

Yours sincerely


Tim Erickson
Coburg 24 Hour Organising Committee
Secretary, Australian Centurion Walkers Inc.
03 9012 5431
0412 257 496