Jesper and Sarah complete ten percent of World Run

Posted on September 30, 2008 by

We have now completed 10perc. of the total distance we hope to cover by running from the Northernmost point in Europe to the Southernmost point in Africa. And back via the Southern point of South America through the Nort-Eastern point of North America.

Its time for a first few reflections on how the body and mind is handling the challenge along w. the main cultural and nature impressions:

In many ways the experience this far matches that of wr.1 – the first 2-4weeks the muscles are a bit sore as they begin tn adapt to the ‘higher than usual’ workload. The main challenge, physically, begin thereafter and during the next 2-3 months where the effect on tendons and joints sets in; avery high near-injury freqvense, even compared w. elite training. 2 or more ‘indications’ pr. week; soreness in achilles, shinsplint sympthoms, ancle soreness, itb. etc. The main task to fast pick up on the bodys signals before it becomes injuries – and use experiense and creativity to navigate around then (except pain-killer medicin and doping ofcource; this isnt bicyckling..).

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