New River Trail 50K Photos

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New River Trail 50K Photos


I’ve put a bunch of photos of the New River Trail 50K course on our Picasa photo-sharing site (link below). This is a new ultra Annette Bednosky is putting on Oct. 11 in southwestern Virginia. The race is full; I don’t know if Annette is accepting anyone else on the waiting list. If you’re interested in running it next year, enter early. I think it will become very popular. If you’d like to volunteer this year, I’m guessing Annette could use more help.


Folks who haven’t seen this part of the NRT might be interested in viewing the beautiful scenery along the smooth, mostly flat, crushed rock trail, which is at the southern end of the 57-mile long rails-to-trail park. It is an out-and-back, inverted-Y course along scenic Chestnut Creek and the New River between Fries and Cliffview. The trail passes many pretty farms. The leaves are starting to turn and should be more colorful on race day.


Jim and I did a training run on the course recently. I took these photos so

I won’t be tempted to take my camera along during the race.   The 7-hour

time limit will be challenging for me and I don’t need to waste time taking pictures. I’ll add more photos later of pre- and post-race activities. Jim may take some pictures from his vantage point while he mans the Cliffview aid station at the turnaround.



Sue Norwood

Roanoke, VA

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