Planet Ultramarathon moving home over the next few days.

Posted on October 1, 2008 by

Over the next few days, the webmaster, Phil Essam will be moving from Wagga, NSW to Canberra in our Capital Territory.  New permanent job and new permanent home which we are looking forward to.

Subsequently, there will be no postings for the next week. I should be back on deck and posting by next Wednesday.

In my absence I have somew quick questions and would welcome any feedback.

What exactly do people want from Planet Ultramarathon?  Is it best in a daily newspaper format or magazine format?  Single editor or multi editors?  Not for profit, charity or for profit (to cover costs). New domain names or stick with PUM? Cover all versions of ultrarunning and walking or just one specific? Does the facebook and ning presence help? More photos? any other feedback on the format or look?

The PUM blog is owned by the ultrarunning public and it’s your website. Please give me soem feedback for the way ahead.  It will be listened to.


Phil Essam

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